The Zip Line Experience
When you arrive at our site you will be greeted by your tour guides. Guests are asked to secure their personal belongings in our on site lockers, empty their pockets and complete our participant waiver. You're ready to get geared up! Guests will be fitted into a seat harness with an over the shoulder component. Leg, chest and shoulder straps will be tightened, pulleys attached to your waist strap for easy transportation and a helmet fitted for you.
When the group is all geared up it is time for a picture for our wall. Say cheese!!! When we have your beautiful smiles immortalized on film it's time to walk to the base of the first tower for your safety instructions. One of your tour guides will climb up to the first platform to make sure everything is ready for the guests. One by one guests climb the staircase until they reach the platform and are secured in safety tethers. After all guests have arrived, the second tour guide will join the group. Time for another safety discussion!!
Your first guide will then depart to zip to the second tower, eagerly awaiting your arrival. The second guide stays with you to attach each guest to the cable, ensure that your equipment is still snug and you are ready to zip.
The next step is yours. And, as they say, the first step is the hardest. When you are ready, step off the platform and fly like a bird!! No need to worry, remember your first guide has already gone ahead of you to 'catch' you when you arrive and take you securely off of the line. Don't worry if you are going too fast, we have another guide on the ground to slow you down with a brake line so that you came in smoothly and safely.
When all of your other tour friends have completed the first zip, we start all over again, and again and again until we get to the last zip, our dual line zip over water. If weather conditions allow, the race is on! Two guests, one on each line, will step off at a time and race each other over the water to the last tower. Bragging rights become very important here and a lot of harassing usually can be heard between the two zippers along the way. Too Fun!!
Once everyone has raced across to the last tower, it's time to descend the stairs and head back up to your starting point. When you arrive at the office you will be de-geared. You will be absolutely thrilled that you did it and will have exceptional memories for years to come. Don't forget, if you rented one of our helmet cameras, you also have proof that you did it!